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How to Play Paintball Like a Pro

professional paintball player

Paintball is an intense sport that brings out the competitive spirit in you and your friends. It is an exciting adventure where you play as an individual or a team using compressed air markers. The game can transform close associates into aggressive competitors, and as a beginner, it’s natural to be nervous about your first match.

Here are 7 ways to help you play paintball like a pro:

  1. Communicate with your teammates
  2. Keep moving
  3. Gather Information and act accordingly
  4. Understand the objective of your game
  5. Follow the local rules
  6. Be vigilant
  7. Use coverage and stealth

Paintball is more than a fun way of bonding with friends and family. It is a high-stakes game with neither retreat nor surrender. This article will give you tips on how to play like a pro and increase the chances of success for you and your teammates.

1. Communicate With Your Teammates

Effective communication within your team is critical, especially when executing offensive operations. It will help you and your teammates coordinate strategy, moves, and attacks and conduct ambushes and raids effectively.

Communication is a priority when you are learning how to play paintball. It helps every player on the team get on the same page to plan the course of action. It also allows you to become more alert and detect enemies more efficiently. This way, your opponents will find it more challenging to creep up on you or lay an ambush. 

It is vital to convene a meeting before the game starts to strategize on the team’s coordination and the hand signals. Using hand signals or gestures is an excellent tactic to be stealthy. Shouting out moves and instructions will reveal your subsequent actions and location to your opponent.

Paintball is an adrenaline-fueled sport, making it easy for any player to give in to a lone-wolf style of playing. However, you will quickly discover that playing as a loner increases the risk of the enemy taking you out. Unit tactics are integral to the game and make it exciting and more social. Team communication will keep you a step ahead of your opponents.

Paintball tournament player

2. Keep Moving

You must keep moving as long as you are in the playing area, but do not wander around without aiming. Pick and execute a specific move, and be clear about when to duck or take cover. Wait for your opponents to miscalculate their actions and reveal themselves. Take advantage of your strategic edge and execute your brilliant maneuver. 

Remaining in one spot for longer than necessary will draw the opposing team’s attention, regardless of how well you might hide. You will be an easy target for long-range and short-range shots and an ambush aimed at eliminating you.

Pay attention to your pattern of movement and avoid reckless charging. You will be a quick and easy target if you are clumsy, hesitant, or predictable. Instead of bolting upright when running, stay low, close, and to the ground, as this increases your chances of moving without detection. Also, running in a zig-zag instead of a straight line will make it more difficult for your challengers to knock you out of the game. Always remember that the less predictable you make your movements, the harder a target you are for the other team. Keep them guessing.

3. Gather Information And Act Accordingly

Before initiating an assault, familiarize yourself with the settings to develop a suitable strategy. Scrutinize the mission brief and gather sufficient intel about the battleground before the competition. 

Identify places that could give great cover and key hiding spots, and create a mental chart of the grounds. Keep an eye on the enemy and consistently anticipate their next move. This preparation will give you confidence and make your team more efficient.

Monitor your opponent’s pattern of play and keep track of their movements. Plan your moves appropriately and avoid making any unnecessary sounds.

paintball player

4. Understand The Objectives Of Your Game

As a team, you should set the objectives of your game at the beginning, and all players must understand the ultimate goal. Every member should be aware of the aims and rules of the game, whether it’s a simple knockout contest or you’re playing to capture the flag.

If the objectives are unclear, it will be challenging to work together and win. Every player must work towards achieving the group goals. Set the objectives wisely and make them achievable throughout the competition. Also, check the time frame and keep the play brief and exciting. A long tournament will be boring for players eliminated early in the game.

5. Follow The Local Rules

Each paintball ground comes with rules that you must always follow to ensure the safety of the players and the spectators. Following the instructions does not improve your playing skills but keeps your group safe, on the field, and having fun.

The two primary rules that you must never forget when playing paintball are: 

  1. Put on your mask as long as you’re on the field.
  2. The barrel sleeve must remain on your marker whenever you are off the field.

While different paintball locations have rules with variations, the basics are the same. The standard rules include:

  • There is no shooting within a 10 – 15 ft (3 – 4.6m) range.
  • No firing blindly.
  • No paint from outside (Action Town Park is a field paint only facility).
  • No playing while under the influence of substances.
  • No talking once you are eliminated.
  • Scream “OUT” when eliminated.
  • Velocity not exceeding 280 FPS (Feet Per Second)

6. Be Vigilant

While on the paintball field, you must be ready for everything. Do not deplete your paintballs too early in the game. It will interfere with your excitement and eventually lead you to lose. It is critical to top up your paintballs during breaks and use your battle packs for extra shots.

Remember to keep reviewing your surroundings as you move around the battleground. Avoid getting trapped in tunnel vision. Do not focus all your attention on one spot, even when it seems like an opponent is hiding there. Other competitors might be surrounding you, or you might spot an opponent you were likely to miss.

Pro Tip: Breathe through your nose—breathing through the mouth causes most masks to fog up. Breathe easy, crouch down, and keenly observe your surroundings. You can be cautious and still have lots of fun. Paintball is more than ducking for cover and running around.
Paintball player – Woodsball field at Action Town Park in Mayflower, AR

7. Use Coverage And Stealth

An aggressive approach might work in the short term, but planned and discrete movements will work better in the long run. Rushing the competitor’s team and employing aggressive tactics works well in some areas. However, blending in with the surroundings, creeping slowly, and using diversionary tactics are often the best route to go.

Mastering the art of taking cover and stealth is a critical skill in paintballing. Although it is vital to protect yourself by hiding, you must ensure that nothing obstructs your view. You might conceal yourself to keep safe but end up missing out on the action. Additionally, you potentially set yourself up as an easy target.

Take time to move from one cover to another; keep your head low and tiptoe. Ensure that any accessories like smartphones or cameras are not giving away your location to the enemy.

Check for any opponents nearby and make your move accordingly. Aim wisely and maintain a low profile. When a team completes its goals, you should inform the other players.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous variations on playing paintball, and different fields offer unique twists and turns. If you are in Arkansas, the best fields are at Action Town Park! Check out our prices here.

Here are the highlights of things that can easily help you raise your paintball skills to the next level:

  • Plan with your team and establish an attack strategy that will increase your chances of success.
  • Be a reliable team player. Focusing on your own ambition could cost your team a win.
  • Remain calm anytime you get to a new spot. Check if you can make it to a better position, and keep an eye out for any opponents within range.

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