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Outdoor Paintball

Traditional Paintball
Mayflower, AR


Play paintball in the natural outdoors! Action Town Park has 2 woodsball fields to choose from. Hide, stalk, and strategize in the woods to win!

Field 1 Code Name:


Field 2 Code Name:

Kamikaze village

Field 1:

Once an operational nuclear plant in the 1960’s, a large explosion rendered the site inactive and abandoned for the last 60 years. 

MediChem (the good guys) believe there is a rare substance stashed in the Wastelands that can help cure most forms of cancer without endangering the victim. However, Radical Annihilation Technologies (RAT, the bad guys) would rather capture the nuclear sludges to use as a weapon of mass destruction and biological warfare. 

Your Mission:

You must help MediChem collect enough samples of the Cure Serum, without letting RAT capture the nuclear sludge.

Field 2:

Crazed Imperial Japanese air-suicide attack-units are destroying your village. Act fast! Time is of the essence to make sure your village survives.

Your Mission:

You must eliminate enemy ground soldiers as well as shoot down incoming suicide planes.

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