Social Distancing


1. Reservations Are Recommended

It’s easy to make a reservation online, please fill out the form on this page to get started.

  • A reservation does not mean private play, it is only to secure your gear and provide staffing for you and your players. 
  • Reservations should be made a minimum of 16 hours in advance.

2. Arrive On Time

We are holding to strict schedules so we can allow for time to clean and sanitize our equipment and facility. 

3. Waivers Must Be Signed Online

Fill out your waiver before arrival as we will not have a means for you to do a waiver on-site.

Ready To Play?

keep your mask upgrade

Paintball Goggles For Sale

Any package that you decide to purchase can have a brand new paintball goggle added to it for you to keep and take home with you. If you decline to purchase, rental goggles will be provided with your paintball package.